Sakura - home
physiotherapy device
for low back pain relief

Less pain in 15 minutes a day

Combines the 4 most popular physiotherapy treatments
Offers a number of treatment session options - choose what suits you best
Easy to operate - no
special knowledge required
15 minutes daily treatment sessions - easy to integratein daily routine
Lumbar Traction
Heating Therapy
Vibration Massage
Magnetic Therapy
relieves muscle fatigue
relaxes muscle spasms
relaxes lumbar muscles
accelerates muscle healing
15 minutes daily
treatment sessions - easy
to integratein daily routine
Easy to operate - no special knowledge required
Expedited Delivery
"So good for my lower back!"
M. Rossiter
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How Sakura works in 3 easy steps

Lie down on a bed or sofa and position the device under your lower back

Choose the treatment session on the device remote control

Enjoy your home physiotherapy
session for 15 minutes

Less pain in 15 minutes a day

Who can benefit from using Sakura
Office workers sitting long hours
Sedentary office work in the wrong position for long hours can affect your posture and cause back pain
Older adults
Age-related changes in lumbar spine structures are closely associated with low back pain.
People driving long distances
Sitting in the car in the same restricted position for a long time can trigger back pain
People doing medium
and heavy manual labor

A construction job or even yard work can cause the spine to contort in unnatural ways and trigger low back pain
People engaged in outdoor sports
Certain motions may put strain on your back muscles and cause low back pain
Weightlifting athletes
Weight lifting, especially specific weightlifting exercises, have the potential to create or worsen low back pain

SAKURA combines 4 widely used physiotherapy treatments in one portable home device

This combined treatment increases your chances to experience a relif in your low back pain

Lumbar traction
relieves muscle fatigue

Infrared heating therapy
relaxes muscle spasms

Vibration massage
relaxes lumbar muscles

Magnetic therapy
accelerates muscle healing

Lumbar traction is the stretching of the lumbar spine in the flat position. The dynamic reciprocating traction motion of the device gently pushes the lumbar vertebra up and down to help you to relieve muscle fatigue and reduce low backpain. Learn more
Infrared heating technology increases blood circulation deep in the tissues, helps the body remove toxins, facilitates the healing process and provides you with natural pain relief.
Rotating massage heads at the frequency of 3,000 rpm perform a vibration massage to your waist area. This additional vibration is a significant effect that allows your lumbar muscles to relax, and experience pain relief.
Magnetic field increases blood flow providing more oxygen and nutrients to injured muscular tissues, thus suppressing inflammation. This is a critical factor in the muscle healing process.
According to a survey published in Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy in 2015, most of the orthopedic physical therapists in the USA (~77 %) use lumbar traction for treatment of back pain
A steady stream of heat to the lumbar will make you feel like enjoying the warm, bathing sunshine.
The adjustable heating temperature of Sakura allows you to choose your comfort heat level, each indicated with corresponding color light:
* Blue - low temperature (113-122 F | 45-50℃) in
* Green - average temperature (122-131 F | 50-55℃)
* Red - high temperature (131-149 F | 55-65℃)

Less pain in 15 minutes a day

SAKURA - home physiotherapy device for low back pain relief

FREE Expedited Delivery

30 days any reason money-back guarantee

One-year quality issue warranty

Comparison of popular
low back pain relief devices
Lumbar Traction
Vibrating Massage
Magnet Therapy
Lumbar Support
during the day
Sakura – home
physiotherapy device
Back Massager
Spine Stretcher
Lumbar Support
Back Brace
Sakura device is tested and certified
Our customers send us positive reviews
Laura V.
I suffered from lower back pain for almost two years (hernia). I am really surprised that I only use this device for a week, and it already helps me! At first, it hurts, but then I get used to it. I hope that I could continue without surgery. I highly recommend this product. Excellent results. Thank you!
Robert N.
I am sitting for long hours at work. Don't have much time for gym. I felt my waist stiff and annoying. I liked the concept of the device but still was skeptical. Today I am glad that I decided to give it a try because it really helps me to relieve the stiffness and discomfort of my lower back after long working day.
Erinn D.
Overall, I do recommend this useful and effective device. I do this every AM & PM for 15 minutes. My back feels great! Less pain in the lower back since using the device.
I like that the device quiet. It makes noise only in vibration modes, which are different in intense.
Barbara L.
At first it's a little uncomfortable to use the device. However, it gets more comfortable as you continue using it. I found it more convenient to practice lying on my bed. You can choose from several regimes, like manual or automatic traction modes, with or without heating and vibration.
Our customers send us positive reviews
These tutorials will help you better understand how to operate your Sakura device
SAKURA unboxing
Frequently Asked Questions


Please consult your physician first if you are pregnant or have a medical condition such as advanced osteoporosis, spine infection, spine tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, diabetics, insensitivity to temperature, malignancies, cerebrovascular disease, acute disease, implantation in vivo, retrolisthesis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis.


The device is intended for use only for the lower lumbar spine (waist).

It's recommended to use the device on the soft surface such as bed, sofa, yoga mat, etc. The device is equipped with a reinforced plate for better function on these surfaces.

The default programmed time of the therapy session is 15 minutes. After this time, the device switches off automatically. If you need more sessions, please rest for 10 minutes and start again.

To get yourself familiar with the device operation and to ensure maximal efficacy and comfort from the device usage, we recommend beginning with the heat (HEAT) and vibration massage (MASSAGE) manual modes without traction to relax your stiff and painful muscles.
After  3-4 days, add the manual traction mode using the MANUAL button. Once you feel comfortable with the device, begin to use AUTO1 or AUTO2 traction modes. 

Does the device have weight limitations?
User weight limit is appx. 243 lbs (110 kg)
Does the device help everyone to relieve low back pain?
Individual response to the device treatment may vary depending on various factors, such as pain severity, body weight, level of muscle stiffness, spinal curvature, etc.
Do you have money-back policy?
Yes, we offer 30 days money-back guarantee.
Please read our refund policy for more details: Refund Policy
What kind of warranty do you have?
We offer a one-year quality issue warranty.
Is this site secure to use?
It sure is. We use PayPal, and Shopify Checkout to process payments. So not even our staff get to see your payment details.
PayPal is one of the world's largest secure payment service providers and our website is built on the Shopify secure platform.
All of your personal information is locked down tight.
Where are you based?
Our main operations are carried out in US and our manufacturers and warehouses are in Asia.
How quickly do you respond to email queries?
We answer all emails within 1-2 business days. For a prompt response, please send us a message on Facebook - we usually respond within the day if not within the hour.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal and credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
Where do you ship to?
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How long will it take for my order to arrive?
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About Us
My husband, Dan, was coping with low back pain on and off for years. Over time he tried many treatments - from chiropractic clinics, physical exercises, massages, waist belts and acupuncture, to topical Voltaren, and oral pain killers. The pain would recede, but eventually always come back.

We were constantly searching for a non-chemical drug solution for Dan that would be effective, affordable, and non-invasive. One that would help him alleviate his pain and improve the quality of his (and our) lives.

A friend of ours had told Dan about a new device developed in Asia - that treats pain with a combination of movement, heat, vibration, and magnets. We loved the sound of that, so we decided to check it out!
The device was simple to use and didn't require any special arrangements. It was easy to integrate into a daily routine, and most importantly - the pain relief was substantial, and kept improving over time.

We hope that the Sakura physiotherapy device will help alleviate your low back pain as well, and bring you relief and comfort - just like it did for us!

Still have questions?
Write to us, we will be glad to answer
Not a Medical Device
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and why it's beneficial for your low back

Lumbar traction is the stretching of the lumbar spine in the flat position.

When you are in an upright position that is standing or sitting,

the forces of gravity compress your discs and jam your facet joints together. That pressure squeezes out the fluids.

If it isn’t corrected, the discs will start to desiccate or dry out; facet joints will jam together and damage the cartilage that lines them. As a result, the degenerative joint disease may occur.

It would be very beneficial if you could stretch the spine, separate those retrievable segments, and create some space in between those facet joints. Doing so will create a negative pressure that can draw in fluids into the discs, effectively re-hydrating them.

If you have low back pain, back stiffness, muscle tightness, then lumbar traction is something you should try.

It is a safe procedure. However, if you have conditions such as retrolisthesis, spondylolisthesisor, spinal stenosis, or osteoporosis, then you want to check with your doctor first to make sure that lumbar traction is safe for you.